Karstula is a municipality of Finland founded in 1867. It is located in the Central Finland region. The municipality has a population of approximately 4,700 and covers an area of 551.45 square kilometers. The municipality is bilingual, with the majority of the population speaking Finnish as their first language and a minority speaking Swedish.

The municipality is named after the town of Karstula, which is the largest settlement in the municipality. The town was founded in 1651 by the Swedish Crown. The name Karstula is thought to be derived from the Finnish word for island, kari.

The municipality is located in the Karelian Isthmus, between Lakes Kyro and Keitele. The landscape is mostly forested and hilly. There are also many small lakes and rivers in the municipality.

The municipality has a long history of agriculture and forestry. Today, these industries are still important, but the municipality is also home to many small businesses and startups.

The municipality is governed by a municipal council, which is elected every four years. The council elects a mayor and a vice-mayor from among its members.

The municipality is a member of the Central Finland Association of Municipalities.

Top 5 places to visit near Karstula

1. Helsinki
2. Turku
3. Tampere
4. Jyväskylä
5. Kuopio

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How to travel to Karstula, Finland?

The best way to reach Karstula, Finland is by road. The journey by road takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes. However, if you are travelling by train, the journey time is cut down to just under 3 hours. The nearest airport to Karstula is Jyvaskyla Airport, which is located around 2 hours away by road.

Food choices available in Karstula, Finland:

Karstula is a town and municipality in Finland. The town is located in the province of Central Finland and is part of the Kymi sub-region. The municipality has a population of 3,843 (31 January 2019) and covers an area of 654.80 square kilometres (253.09 sq mi) of which 10.97 km2 (4.22 sq mi) is water. The population density is 5.89 inhabitants per square kilometre (15.3/sq mi).

Karstula is famous for its food culture, which is a combination of Finnish, Swedish and Russian influences. The most famous dish in Karstula is the Karelian pie, which is a traditional Finnish dish made of rye crust and filled with rice porridge. Other popular dishes include Finnish meatballs, Swedish pancakes and Russian Olivier salad.

Must shop products in Karstula, Finland:

There are many shopping options available in Karstula, Finland. Some of the most popular stores include the Finnish Design Shop, the Karstula Market, and the K-Supermarket. You can find almost anything you need in these stores, from clothes and accessories to home goods and groceries.

The Finnish Design Shop is a great place to find unique and stylish items, as it specializes in Finnish design. The Karstula Market is the perfect place to buy fresh produce and other food items, while the K-Supermarket is a great option for general grocery shopping.

If you’re looking for something specific, you can likely find it in one of these stores. However, if you’re looking for something truly unique or special, you may need to venture out of town to find it.

Nightlife in Karstula, Finland:

The nightlife in Karstula is quite vibrant and there are many bars and nightclubs to choose from. The most popular bar in town is called Kari and it is located in the center of town. This bar is known for its great music and its friendly atmosphere. Another popular bar in Karstula is called Jaska and it is located just outside of town. This bar is known for its great food and its relaxed atmosphere.

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All you need to know about weather

The weather in Karstula, Finland is cool and wet. The average temperature in the summer is around 18 degrees Celsius and in the winter it is around -5 degrees Celsius. It is famous for its beautiful scenery and its many lakes.

Planning to visit Karstula? Check suitable time of the year:

The best time to visit Karstula, Finland is in the summertime when the weather is warm and the days are long. This is also the busiest time of year, so be sure to book your accommodations in advance. The town is home to a number of tourist attractions, including the Karstula Museum, which chronicles the history of the area, and the Finnish Railway Museum, which houses a collection of historic trains. Other popular activities include hiking, fishing, and canoeing.

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