Ameide is a municipality in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands. It is located in the western part of the province, on the border with the province of Zeeland. The municipality covers an area of 37.54 km2 (14.51 sq mi) of which 1.23 km2 (0.47 sq mi) is water.

The municipality of Ameide consists of the villages of Ameide, Herwijnen, and Zederik. The municipality is bordered on the north by the municipality of Molenwaard, on the east by the municipality of Gorinchem, on the south by the province of Zeeland, and on the west by the municipality of West Maas en Waal.

In 2019, the municipality had a population of 8,126. The population density was 217 inhabitants per square kilometer (560/sq mi).

The history of Ameide goes back to the 10th century. The first mention of Ameide is in a document from 1040 in which the Emperor Henry III donated the village to the Abbey of St. Maximin in Trier. In the 13th century, the Abbey sold Ameide to the Counts of Holland. Ameide was then ruled by

Top 5 places to visit near Ameide

1. Amsterdam

2. Haarlem

3. Utrecht

4. The Hague

5. Rotterdam

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How to travel to Ameide, Netherlands?

The best way to reach Ameide from the Netherlands is by road. The journey by road will take approximately 4 hours. To reach Ameide by road, take the A4 motorway from Amsterdam. After passing through The Hague, take the A12 motorway towards Rotterdam. Take the exit for Breda and follow the signs for Ameide.

If you are travelling by train, the journey will take approximately 2 hours. From Amsterdam Central Station, take a train bound for Rotterdam. At Rotterdam Central Station, take a train bound for Breda. Get off at the station for Ameide.

If you are travelling by air, the journey will take approximately 1 hour. From Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, take a flight to Rotterdam Airport. From Rotterdam Airport, take a bus or a taxi to Ameide.

Food choices available in Ameide, Netherlands:

Ameide is a small town in the Netherlands, and as such, there are not a lot of options for food. However, there are a few restaurants and cafes that serve up some traditional Dutch fare. The most famous food in Ameide is probably the Dutch pancakes, which are thin and crispy and often served with fruit or chocolate sauce. Other popular dishes include Dutch bitterballen (fried balls of meat and vegetables), stamppot (a type of mashed potato dish), and hutspot (a stew made with potatoes and carrots).

Must shop products in Ameide, Netherlands:

There are many shopping options available in Ameide, Netherlands. One can find almost anything they are looking for, whether it is clothes, electronics, or food. The city center is home to many large department stores as well as smaller shops. There are also several malls and shopping centers located around the city. One of the most famous shopping areas in Ameide is the Leidsestraat, which is a pedestrian-only street lined with shops and cafes.

Nightlife in Ameide, Netherlands:

There is no definitive answer when it comes to nightlife in Ameide, Netherlands. However, there are a few things that are worth mentioning. First, the city is home to a number of bars and clubs, many of which stay open until the early hours of the morning. Second, Ameide is also home to a number of festivals and events throughout the year, which often include live music and other entertainment. Finally, Ameide is also known for its vibrant nightlife scene, which includes a variety of different types of bars and clubs.

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All you need to know about weather

Ameide is located in the Netherlands, specifically in the province of South Holland. The weather in Ameide is typically mild with cool summers and cold winters. The average temperature in Ameide is around 10 degrees Celsius. The area is also famous for its annual tulip festival.

Planning to visit Ameide? Check suitable time of the year:

Ameide is a small town located in the province of Zuid-Holland in the Netherlands. It is situated on the intersection of the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal and the river Lek. The town is also near the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta. The population of Ameide is just over 5,000.

Ameide is a great place to visit for its historic buildings and quaint Dutch atmosphere. The best time to visit Ameide is during the spring or summer when the weather is mild and the flowers are in bloom. During this time, the town comes alive with markets, festivals, and outdoor activities.

Some of the famous landmarks in Ameide include the 13th century castle, the Dutch Reformed Church, and the Windmill Museum. The castle is now a hotel and restaurant, but it still retains its medieval charm. The Dutch Reformed Church is a beautiful example of Dutch architecture. The Windmill Museum is located in an 18th century windmill and contains exhibits on the history of windmills in the Netherlands.

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